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Introduction to Biometrics

Dr. Leary explains how The Framework works for him.

Dr. Jonathan Leary developed The Framework after figuring out the remedies and routine that helped him feel better and shine brighter. His biometric data shows the science-backed success of The Framework. Learn how it works for Dr. Leary, and download the complete Program below.
Explore Dr. Leary’s biometric data, updated quarterly, below.

Frequency: Every 2 - 3 Years

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    Key Performance Indicator

    A whole body MRI scan captures over 200 million data points from head to toe, including the major organs, brain, and spine. It is recommended to do this every 2-3 years. The scan helps me check in and proactively identify anything that would negatively impact me.The first time I did this, I was nervous because you never know what you can find. I have always taken my health seriously, but wasn’t always educated in the best ways to care for my body. In my younger years, I thought that looking fit on the outside meant being healthy on the inside.

    Area of Improvement

    My full body scan told me I could improve on a couple of things:Sinusitis (a thickening present in my left sinus); scattered inflammatory mucosal changes are noted in various portions of the paranasal sinuses.Mild chronic age-related wear on the spine (at L5-S1) without significant narrowing of the spine, which can cause pressure on the lower back.


    Sinusitis is extremely common and usually related to seasonal allergies. For the most part, this is of no concern and resolves either spontaneously or after removal of the trigger.For the age-related changes in my spine, the solution is to keep moving, continue with my fitness routine, and practice good posture.


    A heightened awareness of sinus triggers gives me better understanding and control of my sinuses and ability to keep them clear by surveying my environment and activities.For my lumbar spine, the remedy is to keep moving and work on my posture to promote mobility. My fitness routine involves not only strength training, but also stretching, yoga, and pilates to help holistically strengthen my body and promote longevity.


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